Part V

There are few of us who have never dreamed about what we would do if we won a lottery ticketworth millions of dollars. Yet in the meanwhile, we also hear lots of stories of lottery winners gonebad.According to several academic studies, sudden wealth only exaggerates your current situation.lf you're unhappy, bad with money and surrounded by people you don't trust,money will make those problems worse. If you're fulfilled, careful with money and enjoy a life of strong relationships,the lottery could make those strengths better.

Listen to a news report about a Hungarian winning a lottery ticket.Before listening, answer the pre-listening questions. After listening,answer the post-listening question. Make a comparison between the answers.

Pre-listening questions:
1. Have you ever dreamed of winning a lottery ticket? If you won a lottery ticket worth millions of dollars,what would you do?
2. Have you ever heard of anyone winning a lottery ticket? What did they do with the money?